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1923 Briggs & Stratton Flyer for sale


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This Flyer is one of the most complete and original Flyers I have found in 40 years of playing with these. The buckboard serial number, 2069, corresponds to cars sold in June 1923. The factory records do not record every Flyer sold after 1922, so this one is not specifically mentioned but it falls in between numbers shipped during that month. 

Metal parts are in excellent condition including original wheels with good hard rubber tires. Wood was remanufactured at some time but is in very good condition. Amazingly complete including original buckboard serial number plate (almost always missing) and correct throttle control.  Only noteworthy thing missing on the buckboard is the compression release handle.  


When I found this Flyer it was missing a motor but I put together a motor from my parts collection. The motor, number 4638, was shipped by the factory on April 30, 1920 to Edwards & Crist Co. in New York City. It was originally attached to a Flyer but the factory records do not indicate the serial number of the original Flyer. The gas tank is a 1990's reproduction and I installed a new tire on the drive wheel. The motor is still missing the exhaust pipe. I will provide the correct control cables to be fitted by a buyer. The motor has not been started but I'm fiddling with it now to see if it can be made functional. 


I will help a purchaser with technical information and support if they choose to restore it. I have decades of research in my files. 


Car is in Allentown, PA     email me at info@auto-motives.com or call me at work 610-770-0532










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