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  1. alsancle: It is a town car but it has an opening rear quarter. It is supposed to be by Lebaron but the body builder plates are missing. I have found the experts on this car but I'm still open to information, particularly about Lebaron bodies in this period.
  2. George: Thank you for the quick post. Unfortunately, I cannot share the exact car publicly at this time. It will come out in the next year or two. I already have access to general sales brochures, manuals, technical data and such but I need to find details specific to this car. We know the car is custom bodied but it is unclear by whom. I'm hoping that some collector, library, archive or club has records or correspondence related to Graham-Paige in 1929 that may shed some light on the specific car I'm researching.
  3. I'm researching a custom bodied 1929 Graham-Paige 837. I'm trying to locate any factory records, archive material or even correspondence of the Graham brothers that may mention this car. Does anyone know of any source of such materials?
  4. Joe Your motor is a 1914 or 1915 Smith Motor Wheel model A. They made 5,000 +/- of these motors. The serial number of your motor is stamped on the block just above the flywheel to the left of the cylinder head. It will be a 4 digit number. You are missing the magneto but otherwise it looks to be reasonably complete. Magnetos are super hard to get but they do turn-up on rare occasion but expect to pay a lot of money. The cylinder head appears to have some broken cooling fins, not a problem if you want to get it running but would require a replacement cylinder head if you want to restore it. The front axle is from a Flyer. Probably from a Smith Flyer but I would need to see the wheels up close to begin to make that determination. In all likelihood, the motor was mounted on this Flyer at one time. Technically a Model A motor does not belong on a Flyer because the Flyer didn't become available until 1917 and was coupled to the then current Model BA motor. But people bought them sans engine and installed the motors they already owned. For some reason, front axles are about the easiest part to find, I think I have a couple in my stockpile. The more interesting parts are the wheels and fenders. Original wheels don't exist because you haven't been able to get tires consistently since before World War II. Coker is supposed to be making a tire that will fit the Flyer and motor wheel and should be available this summer. The front fenders look to be in good condition and they are often sought after parts although I'm working on reproducing them. Ignore the plans for the Flyer on the Internet. Those plans have no measurements and are pretty useless. It is possible to make a Flyer from scratch but it is more complex and costly than you realize. Some parts such as the seats and steering wheel require having access to original parts to duplicate accurately. A fair number of the parts are cast and that requires having originals to work from or a digital file to print them from. I predict in the future, the digital printing files will be on the Internet and everyone can make a Flyer at home. You will never find another two matching wheels so that requires changing over to modern bike rims all the way around. A common modification. By the way, this is in no way called a Red Bug. The Red Bug name was not used officially until around 1924 or 1925. Any questions, just ask or email me directly. I have been collecting these for 40 years since I was 11 years old and have a lot of information. I prefer but the other email is posted above.
  5. GregLaR It is a nice to drive as it looks. Thanks for the compliment!
  6. This Flyer is one of the most complete and original Flyers I have found in 40 years of playing with these. The buckboard serial number, 2069, corresponds to cars sold in June 1923. The factory records do not record every Flyer sold after 1922, so this one is not specifically mentioned but it falls in between numbers shipped during that month. Metal parts are in excellent condition including original wheels with good hard rubber tires. Wood was remanufactured at some time but is in very good condition. Amazingly complete including original buckboard serial number plate (almost always missing) and correct throttle control. Only noteworthy thing missing on the buckboard is the compression release handle. When I found this Flyer it was missing a motor but I put together a motor from my parts collection. The motor, number 4638, was shipped by the factory on April 30, 1920 to Edwards & Crist Co. in New York City. It was originally attached to a Flyer but the factory records do not indicate the serial number of the original Flyer. The gas tank is a 1990's reproduction and I installed a new tire on the drive wheel. The motor is still missing the exhaust pipe. I will provide the correct control cables to be fitted by a buyer. The motor has not been started but I'm fiddling with it now to see if it can be made functional. I will help a purchaser with technical information and support if they choose to restore it. I have decades of research in my files. Car is in Allentown, PA email me at or call me at work 610-770-0532 $10,000
  7. I forgot to include contact information . . . you can email me at or call my office 610-770-0532.
  8. 1954 Lincoln Capri Convertible $34,900 In our family for 40 years 1951 Produced 317 cid V8 with 4-speed automatic 54,200 miles - engine totally rebuilt in 1980's Restored in the 1980's and upgraded & maintained since: Painted the correct Canterbury Green with Ivory and dark green leather Power Everything: brakes, steering, windows, seats, top, antennae Radial whitewall tires Sales includes large number of spares including some very rare trim and accessories Proven Tour car Regular DPC class participant at Hershey Car is in Allentown, PA Sorry to see this family member go but recent addition to the garage means something has to go
  9. redbug2: I looked at the web site you posted and you have a lot of issues to deal with on your car but in the photos with the modified motor contraption on the back I see original wheels. If your "Red Bug" originally had a fifth wheel or motor wheel mounted on it then you don't have a Red Bug. Most Red Bugs where electric powered. Most powered by gas motor wheels were Briggs & Stratton Flyers. I also own a few of these and have lots of research files, so get in touch and I will gladly help you.
  10. 58Mustang is giving you good advise. If the sides of the rim are flat, then they are modern style bike rims but if the sides roll inward they are clincher. Another hint if you have original rims is the spoke count - Your front rims should have 32 spokes while your back rims should have 36. if they are the original clincher rims the tires are no longer available. Coker did have tires but they are no longer in stock and despite my begging them, they said they will not make any more. If enough of us Red Bug folks ask, perhaps Coker would reconsider. I own about 8 Red Bugs so if you need any help with your car or want more information just drop me an email:
  11. 1968 Buick Skylark Custom Convertible A Super well maintained car with approximately 117,000 miles on the factory 350 cid V8, 2-barrel with automatic transmission. The body was restored in the 1980’s and repainted in the original Arctic white lacquer. The original red interior was in excellent condition and maintained. This is a bench seat car with power steering, remote left side mirror, factory seat belts, factory floor mats, factory tissue dispenser, original radio and added accessory sockets for your CD player or phone. Owned by a long time Buick Club member who used the car extensively for touring, top-down driving and shows. This car is a turn-key, no regrets car ready for the top-down season to come. $15,750 Car is located in the Allentown, PA area. I have lots of digital photos that I can send to anyone who emails me. Contact: Jed at or call me 610-770-0532
  12. I found a box of home made tools, adaptors and other specialty made items for working on a V8 1923 Cadillac. I believe there are 23 items in the box all marked as to their use. Some of the tags are things like brake adjustment tool, fan shaft to generator puller, water pump drive shaft bearing housing removal tool and so-on. These probably work on any mid-1920's Cadillac with a V8 but I'm not familiar with these cars. I got these when I cleaned out the garage of a deceased collector who had a 1923 Cadillac. The entire box of tools $125. They will be in the Hershey Flea Market at space 3CK14-27 if you are interested.
  13. Pair of Bleriot Phi Headlights for a big classic car of European origin. Very restorable pair of lights. Will be available in the Hershey Flea Market at space 3CK14-27 $650 for the pair.
  14. Thank you Al I've already contacted them but still waiting for a reply. The Simeone Foundation Museum has already committed their Flyer. Hope to see you in May.
  15. IF you own or know of an owner with a Smith Motor Wheel powered bicycle or Flyer, Briggs & Stratton Motor Wheel powered bicycle, Flyer or Scooter or an Electric Auto Red Bug - We are gathering as many of these vehicles as possible together at the Spring National Meet in Reading, PA, May 19th, 2012. As of April 1 we have 5-6 Flyers, 5-6 Red Bugs and 1 Scooter committed. The goal is to have the largest number of these vehicles ever gathered for an AACA event. This will be a unique opportunity to share information and meet other owners of these vehicles. Registration deadline is April 15th so hurry!