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Studebakers On Display

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For the 4th year in a row, the Antique Studebaker Club has been invited back to Display club members vehicles at the Towe Automobile Museum in "Old Sacramento" California. The move in day for vehicles will be December 29th, and they will be diplayed for one month. Currently, we have room for 6-7 vehicles, and we already have a 1929 "FE" President Tourer, a 1929 "FE" President Brougham, a 1931 President State Sedan with and 2 pending commitments for a 1929 President Cabriolet and a 1929 President Roadster. If anyone else has a vehicle they may want to get out of the garage for a month, please contact the webmaster at ascwebmaster@antiquestudebakerclub.com

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