ISO 1957 Ford Ranchero/wagon rear brake drums

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Hi everyone Newbie here thanks for letting me join the membership. I am looking for items or info on obtaining a pair of rear brake drums for a large bearing 1957 Ford 9 inch out of a Ranchero/wagon/delivery/retractable. I need all the brake parts (have nothing but backing plates) I believe I have a source for the shoes and most of the hard ware but drums, spreader bar and E brake arm are eluding me. Anyone out there have a source or information on where abouts?

I have also been told that some of the hardware is the same as the 55-9 Chevy and Pontiac stuff anyone know if this is true? Anyway thanks again for the add and look forward to the learning curve I am in for here. lol 




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    I replied to you in above, where you also listed it.....

    As indicated above, I am the guy who reproduced those Brake Drums...

Call me in the morning....   Craig 516 - 485 - 1935...... New York....

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Responded to you now everywhere....

When you want, you can have all the time you want, for all the information you requested, by a PHONE CALL......

      Yours, Craig.....

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