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Factory and dealer information - 55 Buick


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Hello. I have a 1955 Buick Century, 4-door hardtop, model 63. Have had the car since 1988, when I was 16. Bought the car from the second owner, who bought it from the original owner’s widow. Although no original sales info was provided. I believe the car was built in the Framingham, Mass. plant but do not know any additional info. The car was originally purchased in NJ I think. But got that info from 2nd owner, who is no longer around. Attached is a photo of my Fisher Body tag. It is hard to read but is says:


1955 MOD. 55-63

STYLE No 55-4639

BODY No BF 2247

TRIM No 467

Paint No BDD


I know what all the Fisher tag info means. The ID number of the car is 6B7035964. Are there any resources out there for obtaining the following info on the car?

Factory Build Sheet

Original Dealership that sold the car

Original owner info


Thanks for any guidance or info anyone can provide. Also attached are a few photos of the car. It was repainted in the early ‘80s before I bought it, which I like better than BDD (Dover white roof and rest of the car was gray). 

Al, BCA No. 45673








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