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Plymouth Parts 1946 to early 1949 - ALL ITEMS SOLD!


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I'm cleaning out the garage and have a load of 46 to early 49 parts I hope someone can use.  Lots of good dash parts and gauges, including a working temperature gauge.  Three NOS headlight rims.  NOS Moog suspension part.  I'd like ten bucks each for the headlight rims, ten for the two dash grills (one is really nice) five apiece for the gauges and five for the Moog part, and twenty  for the four door trim pieces (excellent shape, but I forgot to take a picture, but I can send), and ten bucks for the glove compartment door with all trim, plus shipping.  I'd like thirty for the two rear fender guards. They are stainless and have a few dents, but everything can be worked out with a little patience,  Everything else is free, you pay the freight.  There are some good grill pieces, a turn signal switch and other miscellaneous parts.  I know this is beating a dead horse and I'm not trying to be a jerk, but this stuff goes in the trash if nobody wants it.  i just don't have the room to store this stuff since we downsized.  Not a threat, just a sad fact.  I'll ship the cheapest way possible and most of this stuff is small enough not to be too expensive.

















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good afternoon tayiormade my name is ray price & john Stephen keiser told me about you ,I was looking for the temp gauge & glove box door mainly , but what      is the total for everything , I am orange county ca 92688 , and can I get you paid , I look forward to hearing from you my email is pontiacray@gmail.com , thank you Ray Price.

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