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Jaguar XKSS engine bay

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With the museum where I volunteer closed for reasons I need not explain, I have some extra time on my hands. I decided this was an opportunity dive back into building model cars, after a hiatus of about ten years. The first kit I pulled out of my stash was a Revell-Germany Jaguar XKSS. It's a beautiful kit, although most of the parts needed some cleanup of "flash" and mold lines. 


I'm adding some wiring and plumbing details to the engine bay, such as the ignition wires and fuel lines. Fortunately there are lots of photos and videos online of the XKSS and D Jaguars. (Fantastic one on Jay Leno's YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/4Ai0uSj_OVE )


There is one component that has me stumped. On the right side, ahead of the driver (remember: right hand drive) and next to the battery, there is a cylindrical tank mounted parallel to the steering shaft. On some cars it is painted black. Three hard lines come out of the tank. One or two go to the steering shaft, and the third one, along with one from the steering shaft, go across the firewall and disappear behind the engine. 


I can't for the life of me figure out what this tank is for. I'm sure someone out there does. And if you happen to know the destination of those two lines on the firewall, that would really be great. 


Thanks in advance,





Jaguar XKSS engine 3 under resto.jpg

Jaguar XKSS engine 1.jpg

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