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  1. Greetings, With the museum where I volunteer closed for reasons I need not explain, I have some extra time on my hands. I decided this was an opportunity dive back into building model cars, after a hiatus of about ten years. The first kit I pulled out of my stash was a Revell-Germany Jaguar XKSS. It's a beautiful kit, although most of the parts needed some cleanup of "flash" and mold lines. I'm adding some wiring and plumbing details to the engine bay, such as the ignition wires and fuel lines. Fortunately there are lots of photos and videos online of the XKSS and D Jaguars.
  2. That's the one! I had read one that Checker made cars for a while, but I've only ever seen one or two in person, and certainly not one of these. Very cool car.
  3. Greetings all, The Bowery Boys is a podcast and website about New York City history. Below is a link to a collection of photos taken along the Third Avenue Elevated. http://www.boweryboyshistory.com/2018/01/bowery-third-avenue-elevated-capturing-soot-shadow-old-new-york.html If you scroll down the page there is a photo by Marjory Collins showing a rear view of a taxi cab taken in 1942 at the corner of Bowery and St Mark's Place. It has an opening roof section over the rear seat. It appears a section of the roof may even slide down inside the rear bodywork. It remi
  4. Greetings All, This Davenport, Iowa police car is one of the first photos I ever bought for my collection, and it's still one of my favorites. I have never been able to identify the make. It looks to me to be from the mid 1920s. It sports a Rolls-Royce-style grill shell and some very classy octagonal headlamp rings. There is a grill badge, triangular in shape pointed downwards, with white on the lower two sides, and dark color in the center. I'm sure someone out there must recognize it. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  5. Great photo! Roadsters and touring cars were not uncommon for police cars up through the 1920s. Presumably cost was a significant factor.I have a photo of a Detroit police 1929 Lincoln 7-passenger touring, a circa '31 Wills St Claire, and several Model As in my collection. After 1930 the practicality of a solid roof took precedence, but convertibles occasionally show up. The North Carolina Museum of Transportation in Spencer has an original NCHP 1936 Ford roadster. After WWII they disappeared except for parade vehicles. A surprising number of two-seaters (coupes or ragtops) were us
  6. Thanks to all who responded. As suggested I posted the photo over in the Studebaker forum. Now that I think about it, I have another photo that's had me stumped for years. I will post that one here as well. Tom
  7. Greetings, Recently I posted this photo of an Indiana State Police car over in the What Is It? forum. The folks there confirmed it's a 1932 or 1933 Rockne. Someone suggested I post the photo here as well. It's a very nice quality copy print I purchased on eBay. I only came up with the Rockne theory after my library turned up nothing, and I Googled every independent make I could think of. A search for 1932 Studebaker finally produced a photo of a Rockne. Your thoughts are appreciated. Tom
  8. Greetings, I have a beautiful photo I purchased on eBay of an Indiana State police car from around 1931-33. I'm trying to identify the make. I'm convinced it's from one of the independents, but searching all my books on and googling various makes on the web I had trouble finding an exact match. There are no badges visible in the photo. At first I thought it might be an Auburn. It looks similar to a 1933 Auburn, and the Indiana State Police is known to have used Auburns (they had Cord 810s too), but the details in the photo don't quite match. The hood and bumpers look okay, but
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