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Help Needed to Identify Vent Window Parts 1930's Era

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Hello, while I was cleaning the garage yesterday, I came across a box with these old vent and quart window frames with regulators. I have searched pictures on google off and on all day to try to identify before coming here. I don't remember where I bought them or how long I've even had them. These stationary frames are die-cast and I've also got the metal insert/frame that surrounds the glass. I've got a complete set of four but only felt the need to include pictures of two.


I do not have a car that they will work on so I want to sell them but would like to advertise them properly. If I had to guess, I would say these parts were used on mid-30's Mopar or Packard applications.


I appreciate any help or advice to steer me in the right direction of identifying these. Thank You




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