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1956 Buick Special for Sale

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A pristine / original 1956 Buick Special. The car was a one family car before it was purchased last year.

It has the original Cast Iron V8 Fireball engine rebuilt with 2,020 miles, new brakes, new shocks, new struts, new radiator with return, new alternator, and fresh alignment.

This is a great car and drives smoothly.  You will definitely get many staring eyes.  Not many in this condition out there. Asking price is $35,000 and is below market value ($40,000).

1956 Buick UH 1.jpg

Buick 2.jpg

Buick 4.jpg

Buick 7.jpg

Buick 8.jpg

Buick 11.jpg

Buick 20.jpg

Buick 22.jpg

Buick 24.jpg

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