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Tonneau Cleaner for Cabin Fabrics?

No Bias FTW

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*Note 1: I have not used the cleaner on the interior of any of my vehicles yet*

*Note 2: I realize that this is not a car cleaning forum, but I don't like signing into too many forums that I would end up using only once*


I've bought a tonneau cleaner in a spray bottle a while ago. I've used it quite a few times for my truck covering and found out that I don't really need it. Unfortunately, the labeling has been torn out and I'm not sure if it is advisable to use it on the interior fabric. Even if -as a result of quick googling - the label says that it can be used on fabrics, I just want to be extra sure.


Have you guys ever used tonneau cleaners on the interior fabrics? There were no - at least what you considered pertinent -  problems, right?

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