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1928 Heater Box


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Wondered if someone who has one, would be willing to share the dimensions of the exhaust heater box for a 28 Pontiac?


Is there any door on the interior firewall, or does the snorkel from the heater box stay open all the time on the inside ?


Thank you!!!




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I have never seen one in real life but I have these pictures and a shut off valve that I bought on ebay so I could build one for my '30.  The valve mounts from the 1nside of the firewall and has a spring loaded lid with a tab that could be operated by a persons shoe from the passenger seat.  The first picture shows a factory set up.  Second picture shows the hole in the firewall with the cover removed.  Third picture is a homemade version.  Four, five and six show better detail of the construction of the box for a '31.  A local sheet metal shop said to make a box out of cardboard, bring them it and a picture and they could easily duplicate it.

I hope this helps.




31 1.jpg

31 2.jpg

31 3.jpg

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Thank you for posting that!. I too have a pic of the factory set up, and it appears that it does not extend to exhaust port #1. It stops inline with intake port#1. 


Do you think the end is open to allow airflow to push the hot air into the car when moving?.  Our coupe has the hole for this factory setup, but has a block off plate.


I'm surprised that it did not have a heater as it is a western PA, Eastern Ohio car originally,. 



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