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1940 Buick Front Fender Park Turn signal


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I am looking for 2 front fender park/turn signal lights, I found a pair on eBay and bid on them but eBay didn't register my bid so I lost them,

I also need to know if maybe Cadillac, Olds, Pontiac, or Chevrolet will work as well if anyone knows, I know that some of the parts and pieces are interchangeable just not sure about these, I would obviously like the ones that go to a Buick but if another brand will work and look good I can go that route as well. Thank you for any assistance and/or direction that you can provide


I can be reached here obviously but I'm an over-the-road Truck Driver and only get to check this once I'm home for my day and a half reset on hours but I can also be contacted at

hizson.dr@gmail.com any day of the week


Thank you again


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Hi David,


I believe the 1940 parking light housing among GM makes are all different styles, but I think the sizes may be similar enough to interchange if you wanted (perhaps others more knowledgeable could shed some light?)


I have one listed as "1940 Buick Park Lamp Base & Housing, Left" (stamped 24756) to sell, if you are still in need. It is an older re-chrome that has some surface imperfections. Not sure of the quality level you're seeking, but if you're interested just send me a PM.


I'll need to look, but I may also have a set of the correct glass lenses to match. Here are photos of the housing.












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