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  1. Sorry it's taken so long to get back with you ... I drive truck over-the-road and only get 2 days off when I'm in town ... Do you know how much the fenders weigh so I can figure out shipping cost? I'd need to let my wife know what the cost might be and Mr. 1939 Buick ... are those 39 running board brackets interchangeable with the 1940 Buick Special? Thank you gentlemen ... I'll try and keep an eye for any replies ... I'm off today 10/1/18 for doctor appointments so I'll check back later
  2. Thanks 36threewindow I'll check it out ... I found a guy here in Vegas that will make my boards for me so when they're done I go and look for this product
  3. I found a guy here in Las Vegas that is going to fabricate some running boards for me and he's going to make the mounts as well ... will post pics when he is finished ... thanks for the input and info I appreciate it
  4. Thanks guys for the replies ... Sorry I'm so late responding ... I'm an over-the-road truck driver ... (its my retirement job) but stooge ... that is exactly the route I was thinking of going ...... I have some melamine sheets that will work perfect for patterns and then I'll see if I can get a tin bender to bend them for me ... I was told byu the gentleman who built the car that the running boards are called *Free Floating* and the holes for the bolts are in the frame I'll just need to find some way of mounting them .... Thanks again gentlemen and I'll keep you updated
  5. Hope I'm in the right spot for this ... I'm new here folks just found this site yesterday ... I'm also new to owning a pre-war car I recently purchased a 1940 Buick Special .. lots of learning going on now ... The pictures below are of my car ... I bought this car 3 months ago just as you see it but as you can also see there are no running boards and the car just doesn't look complete to me without them ...... I have looked online ... I have looked in a book that I have called *Interchangeable Parts for Buick ... Olds ... Pontiac ... 1929 - 1952* ...... I have contacted running board builders but my searches have been unfruitful to find any running boards for this particular year of vehicle I am hoping that there might be someone who can offer some assistance or maybe direction in finding a decent set of running boards ... my last option will be to make a pattern and to find a tin bender here in Las Vegas if that is the route I have to go ...... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated I forgot ... Does anyone know of a site that can give me info on this car through the VIn number? Thanks again David