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Graham Model 73 1935 Original Delco Parts

Charlie K

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Could someone please confirm that the following Delco parts were really part of the original Model 73 1935?


Generator: 936D
Generator cut out relay: 1867781
Distributor: 632Z
Starter: 728D
Starter solenoid: 1542


I am also looking for photos of these parts, except for the relay and distributor. I haven't found anything on eBay or anywhere else.


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According to the 1939 Delco Remy Service Parts Manual, it shows all your information to be correct except the Starter Switch (Solenoid).

Generator 936D

Cutout Relay 1867781

Distributor 632Z

Starter 728D

Starter Switch 820052


The 1542 solenoid that you have listed is a true starter solenoid, 820052 is a manual switch that is engaged by a lever.


Let me know if you need any more information or any parts for any of the above.


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