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96 Riviera gas gauge module

Joseph P. Indusi

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A friend recently acquired a 1996 Riviera.   He had the gasoline tank leak repaired and that much is OK.   However, the fuel gauge does not work.   His mechanic says that their is a problem with a module (slosh module?) that receives the signal from the gasoline tank sending unit and operates on this signal before sending the module output to the gauge on the instrument cluster.   This is how it was explained to me, more or less.   The mechanic claims that the module is unavailable.   My friend would like to buy an after market fuel gauge to mount under the dash.   For this he claims he needs to know the resistance of the sending unit.   Does anyone know the fuel sending unit resistance.   Does any of this make any sense.   I am not familiar with the 96 Riviera and have not looked at the car myself.   Any help greatly appreciated.

Joe, BCA 33493

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