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Saxon body number


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Is there a body or VIN number on a 1914 Saxon? It has been sitting in a Nebraska shed for 30+ years. Engine tag says 45xx-2 and is dated 7-7-14. Wire wheels, gas headlights converted to electric, padded dash, and two speed trans. Has fenders and running boards. Two extra engines and an extra set of top bows. Starter added, ignition converted to points, and has side draft carb. That's what I could see in the cramped area where it sits. We are quite aways apart on price but I think I'm going to give in. Thanks for any help

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You might find a body number on a plate on the seat platform. The plate faces forward, near the floor. If the car has its original sills, there may be a number stamped in the sills. From your description, Id say the car is a 1914. Id have to see a photo. All Saxon dashes are padded. The wire wheels, if in good condition, are valuable. The two speed transmissions are on the earlier cars, and they have a comfortable range for touring.

sounds like a great find. Send me a PM with a phone number and we can discuss prices. I know the market for these wonderful cars pretty well.

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