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1941 Studebaker Commander - Land Cruiser - Skyway


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I'm new to the Studebaker family! I thought I had the time and space to work on a project car, nope. So,  I recently purchased a beautiful 41' Commander and now I have to get rid of my project car.


For sale:

1941 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser - Skyway. $4500 OBO. Project car - Body and paint in very good shape and appears to have original parts. Seat upholstery in good condition. New front wheel cylinders, rebuilt rear wheel cylinders; needs to be bled. Engine starts and runs for a few minutes then stops. Includes four Studebaker hubcaps, wheel well covers, four additional wheels, search/spotlight. Exterior sun visor and fog lights.  


Location: Centennial, CO


Send inquiries to:



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