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'35 - sounds great after a long break


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I  had a  heating problem on  my  1929  Hupp model A .Took the  side water  jacket  side  panel off  and  cleaned out  what was  in  there, not  much. Had  the  radiator boiled  out by  a  radiator  shop  and   80 %  flow rate was the  end result. the shop said  that  would be ok.    Installed the  radiator  back on  the  car and  at 90 Deg.F out side  temp the new  temp gauge was  reading 190 Deg running  at  a fast  idle for  !/2 Hr. Not  satisfied with  that  I  placed a fan on a  chair in  front  of  the  radiator on  low  speed. Ran  at  same  speed  for  1/2  hr. Engine  cooled  down  to  160.  Had a  1931  pats  car  with  a  fan on  the  engine.  Removed   it  and  compared it  to  the  one  on  the  29 and  it  had  more  aggressive pitch. Installed it on  the  29  problem. solved. I  told  you  this  because if  you  have cracks  in  the  head you  may  have  a heating  problem  One Hupp  guy helping  another.

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