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Lincoln Model L remaking rollers and pins for lifters!

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I am rebuilding the 1929 motor that’s in my 1921 Lincoln Model L, but I am having problems getting a new set of cam rollers. Mine are very pitted and really need changing.


I have spoken to Egge about getting new rollers and pins. They used to make them, but they are now out of stock.


They are saying that if we get around 10 sets ordered they would remake them. The approximate price would be around $20 per roller and pin so around $320 for a set plus postage and packing. 


The price is only for the roller and pin that holds the roller in the lifter.  They would need to be reassembled in the lifters.

Are there any Lincoln Model L owners that might be interested in getting some for their car? Please let me know.





The picture is the of the broken roller and pin that came out of my engine, but you get the idea.. 

Lincoln Roller (1 of 10).jpg

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