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1990 White / Black TC for parts or repair

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Time to say good bye to my 1st TC.  :(Pump motor on the Teves brake system is froze up. Don't know how hard that would be to replace, but more importantly it's probably not worth replacing since there are probably other components ready to go as well. Don't know what the cost or time investment would be to replace it and do a booster brake swap, but more importantly don't know that I have the time, or energy or do a swap out . So I'm going to get rid of the ol girl. Runs great, think it has about 170k miles (odometer not working since I got it.) The body is really solid, a couple of quarter size or smaller spots or rust under the paint. Interior is really clean, upgraded stereo but I still have the original. Don't really have time to start pulling pieces and parts off, would like to sell it as is. Would like to get around $1k....maybe I'm dreaming. If anyone is interested let me know and I can send more pics. Thanks guys.


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