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  1. If I recall correctly it was around $1200 plus a core (the old system)....
  2. I have a white one that needs the brake system replaced....the electric pump motor seized up in mine... PM me for details
  3. What kind of condition is the Teves brake system in? I need the whole thing if it will work on a '90 TC. PM me cost. Thanks!
  4. My father has a 91 that he needs a radiator fan for. This is the description I got from my 90 yo father, I have not had time to go out and asses the problem myself. Apparently the pin that holds the fan on to the motor sheared so that when the blower motor turned on the shaft would spin at a higher rate of speed than the fan, which damaged the fan itself. He got a replacement motor but the damaged fan vibrated violently when the motor comes on. Anyone have a line on an OEM fan or fan/motor assembly??? Thanks guys..
  5. Hey guys...been a while since I posted. Thinking about getting rid of one, or maybe both of my TCs I have a '90 White TC 3.0 w/black interior. The Good: body is solid, paint is good, interior is clean has the original tool kit and I customized the umbrella so it has a TC shift knob for the umbrella handle The bad: The entire Teves brake system needs to be replaced. The electric pump motor is seized, and the accumulator should probably be replaced too. The motor burns a little oil but she is still a strong runner. I replaced the stereo and upgraded the entire sound system but still have the original stereo. Convertible top has some issues with the rear window armature. Not sure what her value is but I know there are a LOT of good clean interior parts. Needs tires Also have a 91 Cabernet/Burgundy TC 2.2 Turbo. The good: VERY clean/solid body, Miles under 60k, interior is clean as well. has origial tool kit and umbrella The bad: Accumulator needs to be replaced, I think the convertible top has a small hole from mice years ago, driver side caliper needs replaced, will need tires. Again, not sure of value.... guess it depends on how badly some one wants it...lol I would say I am more motivated to get rid of the White 90, I just don't have the time or desire to replace the entire Teves system. I might be able to motivate myself to replace the accumulator on the 89' but with having spent the last 5 years with completing the building a new home, a pole barn, and all the associated landscaping and maintenance, my motivational bank account is getting low on funds! lol If anyone is interested you can message me here or email me at: MBsTCs@hotmail.com email is probably the quickest way to contact me. Here's a link to photos of both cars https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPEcA5D
  6. I have found there are all sorts of hydraulic brake accumulators that can still be had (except for our TCs ) I'm not very knowledgeable on how that all works, but it would seem to me that the principles should be the same and one should be able to use one from another vehicle... If it's a matter of matching up threads, adapters could be machined. Please educate me guys, what makes the TC accumulator the ONLY kind that can be used....has anyone ever attempted a swap..??
  7. Time to say good bye to my 1st TC. Pump motor on the Teves brake system is froze up. Don't know how hard that would be to replace, but more importantly it's probably not worth replacing since there are probably other components ready to go as well. Don't know what the cost or time investment would be to replace it and do a booster brake swap, but more importantly don't know that I have the time, or energy or do a swap out . So I'm going to get rid of the ol girl. Runs great, think it has about 170k miles (odometer not working since I got it.) The body is really solid, a couple of quarter size or smaller spots or rust under the paint. Interior is really clean, upgraded stereo but I still have the original. Don't really have time to start pulling pieces and parts off, would like to sell it as is. Would like to get around $1k....maybe I'm dreaming. If anyone is interested let me know and I can send more pics. Thanks guys.
  8. Hemi Dude......did you sneak into my pole barn and take a picture of my car..?!?! Pretty much looks like that. The fuse that goes there got warm but didn't blow.
  9. You should be able to get either at Autozone. I just got one for the driver's side on my 89'
  10. Yes I have the manual. I've been busy chopping wood for the upcoming winter here in Michigan so I haven't been able to be on here much this week. :D Not sure what you mean but let me look at the manual this weekend, if I have questions I'll PM you. Thanks guys
  11. So I got some time to work on the cars this weekend. On the 89 both 30amp fuses were blown. I replaced them but when I turn on the key, the pump for the brakes doesn't even run. I unplugged/plugged all three relays in with still no luck. Double checked the fuses and they are good. At this point I'm kind of stumped on why it seems I'm getting no power to the pump. Ideas?
  12. So the close up is looking at the joint near the bottom of the riser. Should that be a solid connection?? I can move the accumulator and this connection is not solid. I'm probably going to update both car's brake system, but now curiosity has gotten the better of me and I'd like to at least know WHY these don't work.
  13. yes,,, from the stock Teves system.... thanks :D
  14. So we finally got the house done and moved in Dec of 2016, Spent last summer building the pole barn, got the car in around Sept of last year and gave them a thorough cleaning. The 89 had a seized passenger front caliper but everything else worked fine, the 90 was all peaches and cream Finally got the honey-do list to a manageable point last month and decided to take the car up for a warm-up run on the 1/2 mile run of our road. The 90 also no had a seized passenger caliper, and by the time I took the short run with about 2 braking executions...the pedal went hard on me. Same issue with the 89. ? Yesterday I did some preliminary trouble shooting: The 89 - passenger side fuse under the hood is good. Pump runs then stops, still hard brake pedal the 90 - fuse blown - I replaced it, seems like the pedal is still hard, I didn't want to do any driving with the caliper in its current state so I will be replacing on both cars. My question is.... would a seized caliper contribute/cause the hard brake pedal? If I decide to convert these two to ABS systems, does anyone have a current-day ball park price on parts? As always guys, TIA MB
  15. Might be interested....I have two TCs that just went hard-pedal on me... :( Trying to get myself educated on the causes/fixes . One had a blown fuse, the the other was fine....so it looks like two battles?!?! lol PM me with details on what you are looking for $$ :D thanks MB
  16. IT WORKS!! Found a replacement dash for cheap. The odometer gear was broken so while swapping out the good gear from my original speedo, I swapped out the odometer as well so my car still has the original odometer and correct miles thanks for the help Digger914 with the leads for junkyards with parts!!
  17. Having a biotch of a time getting replies from repair shops (even TC parts) on whether or not they can work on this speedometer... Hemi Dude, is there a particular year Daytona speedometer head to use?? Cross reference data on Ebay says no fit ( although I trust your judgement more than Ebay! )
  18. Would you happen to have a speedometer head?? How much for the soft top?
  19. Thanks for the replies. Any leads on where I can find a replacement head from a TC (preferably) or a Daytona??
  20. My 89 (204316) has a Black soft top, looks to be original... 204316 1989 Jul-89 Royal Cabernet Bordeaux Tan SOHC
  21. Replaced the distance sensor, verified power to the speedo (again) and continuity from the sensor plug to the pin on the dash as well as the ground wire from the sensor plug...all checks good Made sure I had good contact on the 3 pins into back of the speedometer cluster and still no speedometer... Do I have to replace the speedometer itself?! A quick search of the world wide web shows nada for such a beast. All connections look solid upon close inspection...
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