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End of an era

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Sad days downunder, demolition  is about to commence on the original Chrysler manufacturing plant (Keswick South Australia).


Dating back to pre Chrysler era local company T J Richards started building Mopars here in the 1920`s, Chrysler took over post WWII and continued on this site until 1960`s. Reused as a furniture sales house until a few years ago it still retains the original CHRYSLER signage on on of the external walls.


Mega store Kaufland is about to raise the building for a new shopping centre; to their credit they have agreed to sympathetically remove the wall panels and transport to a local auto museum for storage until a suitable way of displaying the sign is found, they also allowed car club and museum representatives to enter the building and earmark any further items of significance found prior to, and during demolition, which they will put aside for interested parties. 

P1020516 (2).JPG

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