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61 Newport Window Crank????


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I've got to take a front door apart on my 61 Newport to straighten out a problem with the window regulator. Everything went just fine until it became time to pull the window crank off the shaft, and I'm stumped. There is (unless I'm blind) no setscrew, no cap that comes off; nothing evident. I did note that there appear to be machined flats on the shaft, but I'm a little hesitant to stick a wrench on there without knowing the story. I have the factory manuals which are useless; they just say "remove window crank from regulator shaft." (And somebody got paid to write that....)

Anyone have any idea how this thing is supposed to come off? I'd be grateful.


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Hi there,

On your window cranks, you have to push the upholstery away from the shaft and get in there with a special tool made for the job, or make one yourself. The window crank has a spring steel keeper behind it which holds it tight onto the shaft. You can make a tool if you take an old flat screwdriver and put a slight bend onto the end, and then go and pry the keeper back toward the crank, at the same time as you pull the crank away from the door panel. This should do the trick for you. These can be a bit frustrating but there is no other way. Once you get one off you will have no problems the second time around once you know what holds it on. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif" alt="" />

To answer your other question, we don't have an active region in the DC Area.

Best Regards,

Ian Smale

WPC web site editor. web page

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