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Wanted: 1960 Buick Bumper Jack


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Okay.......Here it goes.

Two years ago I purchased a bumper jack from Buick Farm that was supposed to be for a 1960 Buick. Well.....the base wasn't even correct.

Today I just received a 1960 Buick bumper jack from Cars Inc. They told me that it was for a 1960 Buick, but when I looked at it, they had marked on it with a grease pencil that it is from a 1961 Buick. I called them, and they told me that their reference manual says that it works for both years. My Buick parts book lists two different numbers for the different years.

All I want is to buy an original 1960 Buick bumper jack. Does someone have one for sell?? If nothing else, does someone have a picture of their '60 Buick bumper jack to send me? I just want to know what I should have.......and then go all out to get it.


Jonathan in Pittsburgh


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