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65 Flexible run channel kit

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After much frustration and ordering the wrong part (once), It seems I found the correct part. This is the rubber flocked seal that goes against the side windows in the channel of the vent window. NOT the vent window seal itself !!!

I ordered a set from RTRW and I mistakenly ordered the part for "full size" Buicks.That was part # 10-021X. It appears that RTRW correct part number for 63-65 Riviera is 10-047X.



PART #:10-047X

1963-65 Riviera



From Steele Rubber Products


Flexible run channel kit 1965 Buick Riviera 2-Door-Hardtop

Part Number:
Upper division post run channel kit. Includes end bumpers with brass core. Four (4) piece set. Replaces factory #5717300.
That last part was the clincher - the factory part number. I was able to find that on my original channel seal for cross reference. It appears to be in 2 pieces, the seal itself and the top section, which they are calling end bumpers. I am assuming these will need to be glued on to the channel seal.
The part seems to be made in the USA by Steele, I ordered from RTRW, they seem to be very friendly and helpful.
I hope this reduces frustration for anyone else that needs to replace these.
Peter Hoemsen
ROA #6910
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