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'39 Ford V8 pick-up restoration

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Hi all,


Together with my dad we started restoring his 1939 Ford V8 pickup. It was in good driving condition but the body was bad.

We can use every advise on this restoration because we already found some difficulties on finding parts.

I can't find any restoration guide for this truck, i always like to have one to check my work.


Who can advise me in part suppliers for this? I found Mac's already but can't find all the parts i could use.

Like simple this like Hubcaps, I can't find anywhere te one's I have now.


hope to learn a lot here.

IMAG0360 (3).jpg

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There are not a lot of parts reproduced for the pickups. I suggest that you post your questions about the truck on the Early Ford V-8 Club Forum. They also have a classified section where you can post ads for needed parts. Here is a link to it.



The hubcaps that you need are the 1939 standard cap. If you have 5 of them, your best bet is to restore the caps that you have. Here is a link to a photo of the correct hub caps on The Ford Barn (another good site for restoration answers. They are not being reproduced.



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