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Create a list of dangerous..........Warnings?


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Weird and strange!

Two Reattas I have owned, a 91 and an 89 have encountered a problem, to the best of my knowledge, never reported here except for a post I made several years ago.

In both cases the nut holding the transmission shifter arm at the end of the shifter cable came loose( self locking nut!).

FYI Under the hood, near rear of engine on drivers side, at end of shifter cable. The end is plastic, round, light in color and snaps over one end of the shifter arm.This end of the shifter arm has a part that resembles a miniture trailer hitch ball. (they fit together tight and SNAP together)

When the retaining nut on the shifter arm loosens it allows the ball to wallow out the plastic fitting and it slips/falls off the ball.

The results are very dangerous! The transmission stays in the last gear selected before the parts seperate!

If you should happen to select Reverse, back up, shift to forward but remain in Reverse!! Big surprise!!

My 1st failure, a 91, was fortunately in my driveway after a trip. I shifted to Park, turned off key , stepped out and the car started rolling down the driveway, still in Drive.

Buyer of my 89 reported today the car remained in Reverse because of the same problem!

Seems we should make a list of reoccuring situations such as this. sudden brake loss, etc. and refer all new owners to that list?

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Let me reword the question I asked in previous post!

If Tom Jenkins would add a selection at reatta.net entitled, "For New Owners", could we, mostly you, present a list of things to check or be accomplished immediately after ownership? ( before buying?)

Flush and Test Brakes, check the aforementioned transmission connection, retrieve codes ALDL, retrieve codes CRT, small cracks on top of radiator, cooling fans operation..............maybe a start.

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Hey, guys, are we adults -- or do we need warning labels on our cars, viz-a-viz cigarette packages? No objection to passing critical information back and forth, but we all know automobiles can be hazardous to our health. I once had a bumper jack collapse on me and break a leg...but I didn't sue Ford or the Department of Highways.

(Just my old fart opinion....)


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I'm all for it. I feel that when a list is made all part numbers and other parts used to repair should be listed. As always, Wally is a great source for info on these fine driving mashines. Thanks. Oh yeah, what did you do and where did you get your parts to repair this problem that I care not to encounter?

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