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Howard... 56 Mk II

Charlie B.

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ooo.gif Good luck with the storm, I spent a lot of time in the NOLA area after hurricanes, and Biloxi too. I was an auto appraiser for an insurance co.I realize what power the winds and water have. They send so many nice cars to the salvage yards.

Any way , you mentioned a Lincoln MKII. Have one at my disposal when I visit Dallas. One of my sons is nice enough to let me drive it.He won't let most people get close to it. Great car, and it gets more attention than ten Reattas, Every time we go to a valet parking set up, they always park it in front of the main entrance. I guess the management is just looking to class up the joint.

I knew from previous correspondence with you that you are a "CLASS" guy with great taste in autos.

God Bless and good luck. Keep your powder (and every thing else) dry

Charlie B

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I'm back home! The house and the cars emerged unscathed. We were ordered to leave at 6:00 A. M. Wednesday morning. I had been up the night before waiting at the nursing home where my mom resides, waiting for them to move her. She ended up in Corsicanna, Texas, some 400 miles away. I ended up staying in Dallas. That locale was the only place I could find a room! Anyway, after moving two counties with a total of about 300,000 people, Lillie turned more easterly, lost much of her punch and hit Lousianna. Some felt they left for nothing. I for one am not complaining. I'm glad all of my "stuff" did not get flooded or blown away.

I have had my Mark for about 20 years. Like the Reatta, it too was hand crafted. At the time, it was the most expensive production car you could buy. With the optional A/C, which mine has, the price was just slightly over $10,000. While today, that's not much for a car, then that was a king's ramson. To put it into 1956 terms; you could be a Cadilliac Eldoraodo Convertible and a Chevrolet Bel Aire Convertible and still have some change. You are right, it does cause alot of attention. Total 56 and 57 production was 3016. Howard

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Glad to hear that you were unscathed by "Lili".So the Reatta and the Mk II stayed dry. It would be a shame if they were dash deep water.

I'm willing to bet that your MkII is pristine. My sons car is very nice but not "Pristine" Needs a dash cover and he just told me he found a large puddle of trans oil on the garage floor. I pray it's not a front seal.

So you spent a couple of days in my home away from home.(Dallas) Not a bad town if you don't mind a lot of traffic. That seems like a long ride just to get a room.

It's nice to have you back. Charlie

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