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Who's going on the Reliabilty Tour?


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OK - who is going on the Reliability Tour next week and what car are you taking?

In the confirmation packet, vintage clothing was mentioned. This will be my 4th national tour and the 1st time the subject of vintage clothing has come up. I can't help wonder if it is because this is a joint meet with the HCCA club. Is everybody going to take some?


Yes - 1915 Ford Model T. We finally have the wheel fixed after we lost it on the 2000 Reliability Tour. Yea!!!

No - I do not own any vintage clothing!

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Yes 24T42, the vintage clothing is because it is a joint tour. HCCA is the invited guest of the AACA National Reliability Tour and NOT the other way around. However, you would never know that from some of the procedures and advertising eminating from the tour chairperson.

As for the clothing, if it does not appeal to you, FORGET IT! This is an AACA tour and we have no such dress requirements. I have the clothing, but will not even bring it because this is an AACA tour and I am participating as an AACA member.

Could I be more clear? See you on the tour in my Buzzy clothing. Bring yours! grin.gif

An old AACA tourist

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