34 Dodge rear main oil leak

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G'day Guys .. I have just finished having my 34 Dodge motor rebuilt ...  and what an epic battle it has been ... The guy doing it somehow lost the cylinder head ... Yeah not an easy thing to do ... after a lot of running around I got a DR head and all is well ... While searching for a head , I had time to make an engine test stand to run it before putting it in the car ... And just as well ... I got a neoprene rear seal set  from Vintage Power Wagons along with other parts I could not get here in Australia .. Had a few issues in fitting and when run, the seal dripped ... Checking with a few other 34 owners here it seems this has been an issue for them as well.... Does not seem to clamp into a crimping seal on the crankshaft .... Can anyone tell me if the DR block seal is any different to those in the block of the 35 onward motors , or are we doing something wrong ?   Any advise would be appreciated as I don't want to fit the one that came in the full gasket set if it is going to leak as well .. Time is on my side and I would rather wait and get it right    Thanks in advance ... Ken

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