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41 Buick : Removing fresh air vent linkage?

Kenneth Carr

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I started with a plan to replace my instrument panel with a nicer one. That led to 

removing the radio and ashtray & buying a new speedometer cable.

An entire wire harness may follow.


But before I get to all that I am now  looking at the fresh air vent for which

I have a new gasket but never installed it. I am having trouble figuring out how

to remove the spring steel lock that prevents the linkage to the vent opening handle

from slipping off. I did remove the four adjusting screws from the brackets but

that does not loosen the vent enough for me to remove it and properly install

a new gasket. I'm trying to get this off without breaking it.

Any suggestions? Photo below.

Fresh Air linkage closeup labeled.jpg

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The portion wrapped around the rod at the top of your picture  is help onto the rod by spring pressure.  With a small screw driver, put pressure on the right  two pieces and it should pop off the rod and swing down.  The hook part of the rod can be moved to the right out of the vent .  Spring clip can then be pulled off the vent.


Bob Engle



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Tinindian ... that make sense about throttle clips. Possibly a source of replacement parts?

I think my '41 uses through holes and cotter pins ... but I'm not sure. I do know that it was

very easy to pull apart and replace when I swapped out my front carburetor.

Thanks for the hint.

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Thanks to the help received here the vent is out!


I'll clean things up and replace the gasket tomorrow.

While doing this I  noticed that the hose to my wipers had fallen off.

I guess that means I will be installing a new wiper vacuum hose.

Maybe the wipers will work better?

Vent removed 2.JPG

Vent cavity and gasket 2.JPG

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