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****PRE 1930' HEARSE WANTED****


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... and this one? 1927 BUICK MASTER FLXIBLE HEARSE AMBULANCE - US$29.900 ?

Early on many of Flxible's buses and professional cars were sold through Buick dealers who stood to profit twice (chassis & body) from each Flexible sale. This arrangement was mutually beneficial and Flxible experienced a steady period of growth, which was also aided by a series of contracts with the US Navy, who remained a regular customer through the 1950s.

Through the late 1920s Flxible used Buick Series 50 and 47 chassis beneath most of their buses and bus-like hearses and ambulances but did build a few using chassis from Cadillac, Reo and Studebaker. The rear ends of Flxible coaches were boxy and utilitarian although their side-loading coaches featured extra wide doors for easy access.

The 1927 Buick Hearse/Ambulance offered here is a rare example of an Flxible vehicle. It is an older restoration needing some attention. The exhaust manifold disappeared when the vehicle was in possession of an earlier owner and a replacement needs to be found. The wood may need some repair and tightening as the doors seem to droop when opened. Overall the metal and upholstery is in good condition. Here is a chance to own a true piece of Americana which few have survived.


1575 Woodson Road, Saint Louis, MO 63114, U.S.A.

Tel: +1/314-993-1330 or outside of Missouri +1/800-957-5707


Saint Louis Car Museum




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