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  1. I presume the cars are at Auto Folies in France. It is interesting to find them here because on their website there are no prices. And call to obtain prices without purchasing is difficult.
  2. ... and here as the Grey car is actually. I will be 75 yo this year and am waiting to find courage and friends for the restoration. My idea is to purchase an US 1966 Corsa or Monza Coupe with a Red interior, keep its engine, gearbox and dash an put them in the Monza in place of the same materials I will get in the Corsa I will paint in the #478 Job. Here are some pics of the car. Don't smile or weep, please.
  3. Here are 2 pics of the Grey Monza kept in 1981 in my parents' estate. They were polaroid so the quality is not very good...
  4. Regarding the gold color, I only have some parts becaus I put the engine and gearbox with the dash with kilometers odometer in one of the Monzas I cloned. The car is grey. I have all the papers but not the VIN plate like the two above as it was robed from the car when parked in the yard of a cousin in 2004 until 2014. I reality he said to me he will park the car in a closed room in September, 2003. But never until August, 2014, he said the car was put ouside near a nightclub he was owner. So I will restore the Grey car with an engine and gearbox I will find and restore an other one
  5. Hello from the south of Belgium: Is this car always for sale? Nothing indicates it is sold.... Which model is it? Is it an AN like the Red/Black one which is for sale in Aalter, in Flanders, Belgium? A Burgundy / Black was already for sale in The Netherlands in 2010, but it was LHD...
  6. Mazette, une plaque à 1000 euros ! J'en ai aussi une .... avec le prénom de ma femme... Your Reo is beautiful! I cherish that kind of car. You say it is a sedan, she seems very long for a single sedan and as you are giving no pictures of the interior as here as in the ad in Hemmings I can not see if there are occasional seats or not. As Daniel Boeve I also am living in Belgium, but at the other side, in the South near the famous Abbey of Orval with her famous beer.
  7. Eh bien, çà chauffe, Daniel ! Il fut pourtant un temps où, vous aussi, vendiez une Packard 1932... C'était en Juillet 2010, une limousine (7-passenger sedan) 902 verte...
  8. Thank you for your reply, Keith. It's me who introduced C.O.R.S.A. in France in the eighties and I am knowing Clark's from long time. I alreayd was purchasing parts from them. I like Corvairs since 1962 when my parents offered to me a 1962 Belgian Corvair 700 4-d automatic, I purchased a 1962 Canadian Corvair 900 Monza 4-d automatic from a US citizen living in Brussels, Belgium, who was in the same tennis club than me. Himself was purchasing a 1965 4-d Monza. I purchased a 1966 Corsa 140 Coupe in 1974, b ut it was in bad condition and I sold it a few months later and in 1976, I purchased
  9. The second car is as I said a 1966 Monza Coupe. Apparently the original color is a dark Green with White trim but I have the same problem with the plate issued by General Motors Continental in Antwerp. Look Sincerely, Philippe
  10. Hello All, Happy New Year ! ! ! I am Belgian and was purchasing a 1966 Corvair Corsa 140 and a 1966 Corvair Monza Coupes in 1976. The two cars were vandalized by members of my family who were jaleous. Now I have decided to restore the Corsa first in its original colors and trim. For the trim I have no problem because the number 740 is correct Red as said in "CHASSIS and BODY PARTS CATALOG CHEVROLET CORVAIR 1960 THRU 1969". But I do not find the color, the number 478 is not existing on the US market.. It seems to be Sandewood but I am not sure and in the US the trim associated to this color
  11. Pictures, please ! ! ! We can not purchase a cat in a bag...
  12. It seems the most of you were not remember that the posts deposited on craigslists do not remain long time on the net, so it is better when you fix one of their adds in the forum to copy the pictures and the text in your own post. It is the same with eBay.... When others read your posts later they are very disappointed the pictures are not included in the posts. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, there people all around the world who are interested by old cars. Sorry to be severe but it is the truth, I was disappointed more than one time! Sincerely, Philippe
  13. And when the car was for sale in Brussels/Belgium in 2007 by Anciens Etablissements VanderVeken and/or in 2008 by GKM PROMOTIONS which became later FAST CARS.... The car always was there in 2011, I was retaining a text which was written in English (I have an other one in French I was writing from different sources - I will translate it in English and post it here later) The car was announced at €100,000 first ad later at €135,000 or US$165,000 Luigi Chinetti, who as a racing driver had piloted a Ferrari to a victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours race, served as an American distributor for the Italia
  14. In an other place Yann Saunders is saying: Zagato: Italian coach-builder; did custom body on 1968 Eldorado chassis for son of Luigi Chinetti, director of NART [North American Racing Team]; CA 9/1982; dimensions given in French magazine as 3m12 wheel base, 5m32 overall, 1m88 wide, 1m29 tall; 2-door, rear-engined car said to have Chevrolet V8 engine [in fact Cadillac] located between rear wheels, fuel tank and spare in front, small luggage space at far rear, independent 4-wheel suspension, automatic transmission, two air scoops each side of hood near windshield , convex
  15. Hello All, This Cadillac Zagato N.A.R.T. is interesting me since many years and Philippe here above is there to confirm we were speaking about the N.A.R.T. in a forum where him like me and others I have seen in the AACA forum sometimes. Ther are a few different versions about the history of this car and especially its engine. Here, http://brusselsoldtimers.com/cadillac-n-a-r-t-zagato-the-italian-cadillac/ appart an excellent set of pictures it is said in the comments: "Juste pour info, le 427 C.I.D sur le couvercle du filtre à air veut dire « 427 Cubic Inch Displacement », ce n’est donc pas le
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