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Automodello 1:24 Continental Mark III

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Automodello 1970 and 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III 1/24 scale resin models

Order from Automodello.com or call 877.343.2276

Priced at $299.95 (Bright Aqua 1970 with Black fixed roof-production limited to 150 models), $395.95 (Platinum Edition 1971 in Triple White-production limited to 100 models), $449.95 (Homage Edition 1970 in Black with fixed roof and Tan interior-production limited to 24 models) including shipping and handling.

Most readers of this publication know the Lincoln Continental Mark III was introduced in 1968 following nearly a decade of a single model offering by the Lincoln Division. The 1960’s ushered Lincoln from a brand with sales eclipsed by Imperial in the late 1950’s to a brand of stature comparable to Rolls Royce in the 1960’s with sales surpassing Imperial and with enough market penetration to give Cadillac pause. Such was the quality of the 1961-1968 Lincoln Continentals, thus they were a very tough act to follow.  Follow Lincoln did and with a spectacular offering in the Mark III.  While there was some controversy regarding the name that effectively dismissed Continentals of 1958-60, there was no doubt that the Mark III was a home run. Beautifully proportioned, the Mark III was an instant success and heralded as a styling highpoint.

Until Automodello introduced a set of resin cast models in several attractive colors there had been no 1:24 scale models of the Mark III. Not surprisingly, these models were an immediate success and sold out very quickly. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Motor Company last year, Automodello has released a trio of very special, limited-edition models of the Continental Mark III. These are not merely a revival of the popular Mark III models previously released by Automodello, but a completely re-booted introduction, complete with new, model year specific, features and previously un-available color schemes.

I have seen other versions of the Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III which featured easily removable sunroofs allowing a fine view of the interior. This feature continues on the Triple White Platinum Edition, though it does not represent the vast majority of actual Continental Mark III’s. To address customer requests to have cars more closely resembling their own cars Automodello is offering both the Bright Aqua 1970 car and the Black Homage Edition 1970 car with a standard roof, sans sunroof. Like previous editions, under magnification, dashboards are easily read with controls that appear to be in proper scale. Throughout the interiors, tiny details delight the eye. The steering column and wheel is a fine model in its own right with correct markings and authentic looking wood trim. To the eye of this reviewer, the light-colored interiors of the Homage Edition and particularly, the Triple White Platinum Edition, allow for the subtlest details to jump to life.  The correct wooden applique on the doors absolutely jumps to life in this application.

Like other Automodello offerings, the chrome trim is beautifully applied and arrow straight, a significant accomplishment particularly atop the edges of the fenders where this detail easily could appear heavy handed. It does not. This reviewer can also attest that it is quite securely applied thus not prone to being dislodged by heavy handed reviewers. Tiny details abound such as radio antennae in proper scale, sparkling taillights, chrome exhaust pipe tips, correctly finished windshield wiper cover and-my personal favorite-distortion free windows. Wheels and tires appear properly scaled and the slightly wide white-wall tires look just right inside the chrome trimmed wheel wells. 

Like previous versions of Automodello Mark III, this reviewer cannot help but to take a step back from the model. I continue to be impressed with the presence of the car and its size. Make no mistake, this is a big, heavy model of a big heavy car. Compared to its peers, the Mark III was imposing. The model deftly conveys this impression. It is a beautiful piece of art to behold, even if you have no interest in cars of this era, or even cars as a whole.

The Lincoln Motor Company turned 100 years old but once. While these are not inexpensive models, they are premium offerings of an already limited production run and will only be available once in a lifetime. If history gives any indicator of the value of this model as an investment, this author suggests potential buyers look at what has happened to the value of models that were offered at the Pebble Beach Concours from the Franklin Mint years ago. These models originally sold for around $250-300 and now are worth over $2000 in some cases. If you have any interest in the great luxury cars of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, your collection will be incomplete without an example of these highly recommended model.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eric Macleod

Mark III.jpg

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