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Book For Sale: Hector Halhead "Steam" Stewart Biography

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The biography of New Zealand steam car engineer, Hector Halhead "Steam" Stewart is now in print and availabe on the Vintage Steam Products web page. 

Stewart was born in the New Zealand bush, built his first steam car from a burned up Locomobile, and made a lot of money in Featherston during World War I. 

He traveled to America to secure the Stanley Steam Car distributorship for New Zealand, imported Stanleys, went back to America to help design the 1925 SV Stanley. 

Stewart returned to America in 1927 to work with Abner Doble in Detroit on steam buses and then brought Doble to New Zealand to build steam buses in Auckland. He made brass hand grenade parts during World War II. 

The book is published by the Virtual Steam Car Museum, a non-profit virtual museum. 

It is 638 pages long, includes 500+ illustrations, and weighs 8 pounds. 

Retail price is $80.00 USD plus postage. Order today!


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