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Early DB rear ends

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I was under the impression that eartly DB rear ends, at least thru 1927, were full floating, ie., the axle was pinned to the hub and could be removed without removing the wheel. Last week I looked at a '24 DB sedan. The outboard ends of the axles were tapered and keyed to the wheel hubs similar to a Ford Model T or A and the bearings were inside the axle housing, putting the weight of the car on the axle. The rest of the rear end looked just like a DB. Could this be? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

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Guest leadfoot

I don't know about enlightening. But, according to the 14-27 DB Master Parts Manual the full floating rear axle was used from the start of production until May 1922. At about serial number 715,000/720,000 DB switched to a semi-floating rear axle. The full floating covered 110"/114" wheel base cars. The semi floating axle covered 114"/116" cars. My information ends with serial numbers in production Jan. 1927.

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