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17inch wheel trim rings

Guest aust1934ford

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Guest aust1934ford

Hello, Can someone please help me with some knowledge on the 17" wheel trim ring accessories.

I have a set (6) of these which I purchased from the US for my 1934 Ford roadster in Aust.

1/ the trims have been 'ground' out to suit the valve stem??

The seller told me they came off a 1934 Packard. So??

2/ Are these the same you see on the US.1934 Fords?

     Apparently trim rings were listed in approx. 1932 Packard accessories.


I Guess, summing up all what I am trying to say is, I believe the trims I have are an early original accessory,

and I don't understand why some trims you see,, have the valve stem recess manufactured, while these have been cut out afterwards!

Also were the early made trim rings meant to be universal to suit all 17" wire wheels???


             Any Help much appreciated. Being restoration focused!!!

          Cheers Bronte


trim1 (Medium).jpg

trim2 (Medium).jpg

trim4 (Medium).jpg

trim3 (Medium).jpg

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Guest aust1934ford

Thank you so much for your interest & Reply. That is a very good start.


So these are obviously not a Packard product even though they were presumably used on one.

                     ( Still learning the forum, but managed to upload some pics. - should have done earlier.!!

The valve recesses have been done neatly & barely seen when trims are fitted to the wheels. BUT it is obvious the trims were manufactured without the valve recess.

 Checked many ford pictures, but appears many also have the valve recess in the trim. These are a good quality Stainless S. & fit my ford 17" wheels well.

I have not seen trim rings like this before. 

        Just to throw 'a spanner in the works' do you know if trims were made for commercial vehicles with possibly the valve stem further in from the edge of the rim??

  I will possibly put these on the ford soon, BUT it would just be good to know some reason here"


        Thanks Again for the Packard details.


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