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How do I join?


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Pam,<BR>You can go to the LZOC web site (<a href="http://www.lzoc.org">www.lzoc.org</a>) and <a href="http://www.lzoc.org/applicat.htm">print an application</a>. Then you can complete it and mail it to the address shown or fax it to the number shown on the form.<P>Another way is to mail your name and address to:<BR>Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club<BR>P.O.Box 422<BR>Hazel Green, AL 35750-0422<P>...and ask for a memberhip application. We'd love to have you join!<P>Bob Mead,<BR>LZOC Membership Director<p>[This message has been edited by peterg (edited 10-26-2000).]

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