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Studebaker Parts needed

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I will try again.<BR>I am in need of some parts for my 1929 Studebaker President 8 Model FHW-2.<BR>Original mechanical fuel pump.<BR>Tilt Ray headlight internal parts, including new or reconditioned mirror reflectors (?proper name?).<BR>Rear bumper assembly.<BR>Original trunk, or information as to having one made?? Should there be an emblem on the trunk? Does anyone have pictures, or drwaings of the proper trunk for my car?<BR>Steering wheel levers for spark advance, and light controls.<BR>Dash repair needed. Fuel gauge, speedometer and temperature gauges need to be repaired. All connecting cables, tubing, etc also needed. The entire dash assembly needs refinishing.<BR>Original radiator cap. <BR>Two hubcaps for the side mount spares. Note;<BR>car has 6 wire wheels. Need only two good hub caps for the spares.<BR>Side mount spare wheel locks. Both needed.<BR>Ignition switch lock and key needed.<BR>Uphostery work needed. Rear seat cover, side panels, and headliner needs replacing. Front seat has been done, but not in original material. Will consider complete re-uphostry.<BR>All side and back curtains, as well as grab handles needed.<BR>Correct window and door handles for the front doors needed. These are the engraved floral design type.<BR>Correct horn assembly, including relay and mounting hardware, instructions/suggestions.<BR>I have just about given up on obtaining a good working UU-2 Carburetor..ALAS!!<BR>The car leaks a LARGE AMOUNT OF OIL while sitting. I have no idea where the leak is. Any suggestions/ideas?<BR>I would APPRECIATE any comments, suggestions, and HELP on the above itmes. Also will haul my car to anyone who does professional antique automobile restorations.<BR>Preferrably in, or near Houston, Texas.<BR>Sincerely;<BR>Dan Tepera<BR>djtepera@pdq.net<p>[ 07-19-2002: Message edited by: Dan Tepera ]

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Your President did not have a factory installed trunk. Only the FE President Brougham had a factory installed trunk. All of the State Presidents came with a trunk rack installed, but, the new owner or dealer installed an after market trunk. So, any trunk that fits the rack, and is correct for the year, will work on your car.<BR>Regarding the misc. cast metal parts (inside/outside door handles, steering wheel lever controls, ignition lever, radiator cap etc.), you can get them from Steve Munts 509-924-4572 call for a catalog, he has many cast metal and rubber parts for your car.

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