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Tomball, TX, March 5th 2016-- Independents Run car show with WWII B-17 "Texas Raiders"

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 This Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at Hooks Airport in Tomball, TX, I'm hoping to see as many of you with restored or unrestored cars and trucks out here as possible. March 5th, 2016, we are having what we hope to be a new age in car shows around here. Yes, there will be lots of hot rods, but we are hoping to have as many of you with original restored or unrestored antique vehicles as possible. Anyone with a pre-1973 vehicle is invited and welcome.  The WWII Boeing B-17G "Texas Raiders" is based at Hooks Airport, and they will be taking off several times during the day. So, if you have never been up close to a B-17 bomber as it starts it's four R-1820 radial engines, here is your chance!

  There will be several antique fire trucks, with a demonstration run from a 1926 American LaFrance with a massive T-head 6 cylinder engine. There will be several WWII and Vietnam era military vehicles and unless something changes, an early Stutz speedster.  There will be an "exhibition run", where old cars will be allowed to run an 1/8th of a mile on the runway. So, if you are anywhere near Houston, TX, we had better see your face out here this weekend!!!


We are running short on Full Classic cars, so if you have a Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Deusenberg, Stutz, Mercer or ?, PLEASE come out! We would love to see you.


Admission is $30 per car(includes 2 admission tickets)

 spectator admission is $15(10 and under free)

motorcycles $20(includes on ticket)


www.independentsrun.com is the website for further details.


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