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  1. This is the mess that I have to start with. The last hot rodder tore out what ever V8 engine it had and installed a lot of plywood in the interior. Most of the door wood is good enough for patterns, but the rest of the wood is either missing or too far gone even for a pattern.
  2. Someone hotrodded this car in the 1960s. I'd like to return it to a stock external appearance with a 1950s 235 Chevrolet engine.
  3. This is what the car looked like in August 2018. I had just pulled it out of a collapsed building that it had been entombed in since the 1970s. I've since found a set of correct wire wheels.
  4. I'm near Houston, Texas. The car has a trunk instead of a rumble seat.
  5. I'm looking for the stainless steel hood side trim for a 1937 LaSalle, as well as the small hoodside LaSalle block lettering .
  6. I have a 1931 Chevrolet 3 window coupe that needs to have all of the wood replaced. There is very little wood left for patterns. Who should I contact?
  7. Those wheels are off of amusement park ride cars. I have worked on many of them at Six Flags Amusement parks. They used a motorcycle tire. The ride was called "Antique Taxis" I most Six Flags parks. The 3/4 scale cars had a single cylinder Kohler engine and used the rear axle from a Cushman.
  8. The time has come to part this car out. Has rust issues. The driver side floor is gone. Both rocker panels have rust, as well as door exterior bottoms, exterior passenger side trunk lid, both sail panels of the roof and likely in other unseen places. The trunk floor is solid. The car has a clear current Texas title in my name. Located near Houston, TX. entire set of sweep sear moldings $1600. rear fenders $400 each. trunk lid $400 doors $300 each 320 cubic engine is not stuck but not running in many years. entire as it sits right now, $5,000. It needs to leave so
  9. I still have this car for sale. I'm considering parting it out soon on Ebay.
  10. I still have this car for sale $5600. If Interested, call the number in the ad.
  11. Unless Mr. Newman is planning on coming here and stealing them off of my car, there is no reason for him to post pictures of my car as parts he is selling. I have no clue who Mr. Newman is.
  12. There was a bed up for auction on Ebay in about 2003. It was advertised as being for a rare 1934 REO truck and in perfect condition, which is an extremely rare old step side bed from the 1930's. I couldn't tell much about it by the photos because it was surrounded by tumble weeds and they had been taken in poor lighting. The guy was in El Paso, TX, and after a phone conversation with him, he assured me it was in perfect shape with no dents and NO rust and from a 1934 or 1935 REO pickup. I bought it and had it shipped via Greyhound bus. When it came in and I opened the boxes he had disassembled
  13. For Sale. 1949 Buick Roadmaster Riviera 2 door hard top. Not running. Engine is not stuck. The car will need to be completely restored. It has rust. Driver side floor pan is gone. The other three floor pans appear OK. Trunk floor appears to be solid. Rust along door bottoms and rockers. Rust on both roof sail panels and on bottom right corner of trunk lid. It is pretty hard to find an unrestored and unmolested 1949 Buick hardtop. I have the clear, current Texas title in MY name. $5600 In the Houston, TX, area. CALL (713)817-8997 No texting please. CALLS ONLY.
  14. This is what the truck looks like as of a few days ago. I've lowered the price to $2000. It needs to go. CALL (713)817-8997. I won't respond to TEXTS or messages. CALLS ONLY......
  15. I've lowered the price down to $8000. I haven't seen another unrestored 49 hardtop for sale in a long time.
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