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New Clutch and throwout bearings


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This info is for you folks looking for good service with your clutch issues. The Clutch Doctor is in North Branch,MN his #1-651-674-4175. He will rebuild or make with his parts clutches for anything you can throw at him. When I visited him and showed him what I was trying to do with the clutch for my 1940 Super, he knew what I had by sight and said a newer style presurre plate was around 90.00 no exchange. The throwout bearing for my retainer, 9.00. Wow! Orielys wanted 21.00. When I showed him my stepped flywheel for my 364 stick project, he said hold on to that pressure plate, I can rebuild it but replacements no longer available, but he said he could put in lighter springs becuz stock the force to push down is excessive, all off the top from prior experience. I'm posting this becuz I've had trouble finding folks who stay with and gain this type of competence with these kinds of repairs that also offer reasonable prices. Good Luck, hope that helps someone with Buick Clutch issues! On yeah, His name is Trever.

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