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37 Packard Door Lock Strikers


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I am looking for a pair of Door Lock Strikers for my 37 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe.  I have access to a 37 Packard 120 Sedan donor car but the door lock strikers on the sedan are wider than the convertible coupe.  The convertible has a narrower version.  The current door lock strikers are made of sheet metal and molded rubber.  The sheet metal is pretty much destroyed.  Thanks for your help and the help of all those good car persons who have helped me get this far with my car.  Body is back on the frame.  I still need the running boards and some other inner fender panels but I am making progress.  My goal was to have the car ready to take to the Packard National Meet in June but that is not looking so good if I can't find the few remaining parts I need.








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