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FOR SALE - LOT OF MINI CARS - 6 Mini Kars Total - MODEL T, 32 Ford, Formula Car, Drafting Kit + More

Guest Jswole14

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Guest Jswole14

Welcome to the World of Mini Kars!

They were built in the 1950s by Mini-Kars Inc. of Kansas City, and were used for parades and for people to ride them in carnivals and fairs.

They cannot be legally driven on the highway!

These cars, made of metal and fiberglass, have 3.5-5 horsepower lawnmower-type gasoline-engine air-cooled motors, which use regular gasoline.

They have pull starts, forward and backward transmission lever and brake pedal, and a lever for adjusting speed up to about 10 mph.

Most have an engine off-on switch.

This lot features 6 Mini Kars total + molds + miscellaneous parts. The Breakdown is as follows:

Totally Complete = Body, Wheels, Steering Wheel, Pedals, Tires, Leather Seats etc. - *Will Mark if Has Motor* *Not All Have Motor*
*PICTURES CAN BE VIEWED HERE: https://imageshack.com/a/Sgc4/1 *

Car 1 - Tin Lizzy Model T Black With Red is totally complete with Engine. Body is in great condition - basically new. The motor is a 3.5 HP motor.

Car 2 - Yellow Corvette is complete yet missing engine. Body is basically new.

Car 3 - Yellow Formula car is complete yet missing engine. Body is basically new.

Car 4 - 32 Ford Car is complete yet missing engine. Body is basically new.

Car 5 - Black Corvette - it is incomplete but has brand new 5 HP Motor. Basically it has body and engine - no wheels or steering wheel setup.

Car 6 - Yellow Tin Lizzy With Wood Gate - Model T. It is partially complete. It has wheels, steering wheel, and Motor. It is not complete in context of body and could use some work.

The rest of the lot will contain miscellaneous parts, frames, and the molds to lay fiber glass to create more.

Shoot an offer, don't be scared!

**We are unsure if the engines are working - so for that reason THEY ARE AS-IS. We think that they could work with little work. We know for sure the one in the Corvette is brand new. The one in black and red Model T has an engine that looks brand new but unsure on true condition. The engine in the yellow Tin Lizzy looks a little older and are unsure of condition.**
*PICTURES CAN BE VIEWED HERE: https://imageshack.com/a/Sgc4/1 *
This will be local pickup only

For any questions please PM me and I can answer and am also willing to talk by phone.
ASKING 15000 for lot, Willing to Negotiate

CAN BE CONTACTED BY EMAIL AT - jswole14@gmail.com Edited by Jswole14 (see edit history)
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