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What is the component shown? Is it the housing for the tag light? It may help to include a picture of the overall license plate holder. Maybe the array of letters represent a little known form of tic-tac-toe. Of course there could be another way to read them: "WWW", "RRR", and "AIO". If I could find my tinfoil hat, I'd put it on and see if it represents a coded message to "The Mothership".

All kidding aside, I have no idea of what the letters and their array could mean. It is, however, and excellent puzzle, and I have no doubt that someone on this forum can solve it.



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I'm way ahead of you Grog. Last night before I posted here I read the letters up and down as well as side ways and diagonally. I played several games of tic tac toe on it with my crazy neighbor Leonard (he won), I slept all night with my tin foil hat on (which covers ALL frequencies) to try and pick up any messages that may be emanating  from this relic (to no avail), and I still can't decipher its cryptic message. The only logical explanation I can think of is that it's from outer space and probably radioactive.


Image is of the rear license plate holder viewed from the top looking straight down. The arms out to the sides are where the plate bolts on. The bolt shown in the bottom of the picture is the adjustable slide bolt to raise and lower the horizontal arms.

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