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1962 Special

Guest duckpin

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Guest duckpin

(This also was posted on the AACA main forum ... not sure what gets more Buick eyes)


Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to find parts for compact Buicks (61-63)? 


I am the second owner of a 1962 Special, which I purchased in 1998. I had to have the engine partially rebuilt (needed a front housing and oil pump, among other things) and it took my friend at the garage more than a year to find the parts he needed (I have the 198 V-6) before I got the car back last month. Yes, it probably would have made more sense to just put in a new engine, but I want to keep this as original as possible. 


At some point down the road I am planning to have the car completely restored. It is fine as it is now, but the paint is tired. I also would like to get the engine fully rebuilt. But I have reservations since it was so damn hard to find things for it. It took me forever to find anything from brake cylinders to engine mounts. In the 17 years I have owned this car, I have taken it to shows all over Eastern and Central Connecticut, including Buick-only shows, and have yet to see another one like it. That is a point of pride, of course, but is it because they are few and far between in general?


Sorry for the rant. It is just getting frustrating that the compact Buicks seemingly get little love from collectors and parts suppliers! Someone convince me otherwise, please.




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You should join the Compact Buick Club it is only $12 a year, we can be a lot of help with parts and info.  Out website is www.compactbuickclub.org 

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When I rebuilt the 198 in mine, it was something of a pain...the engine shop whined about needing to bring the pistons in from California...I wondered why that was a big deal...a few months later they were shut down, so presumably the only issues were that they were broke and didn't want to put anything out.  They also painted it the wrong colour.  Sigh.


Yes, some things are an issue.  No, there don't seem to be many around, but there are some.  Of course, I haven't done anything with mine recently.


Just think, if these were more plentiful and parts were easier to obtain, everyone would have them, and they'd lose some of that unique appeal.


Good luck.

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Guest Ric's62

Good parts are sure hard to find for the baby buicks. Aluminum v-8.com specializes in 215 v-8's and probably some of the parts interchange. Egge (in california) has pistons. Shouldn't be hard to find motor mounts through Kanter if not Napa, Northwestern Auto parts, etc. The killer is finding good chrome and trim parts. I've looked for a nice instrument cluster with unscratched aluminum face for almost 15 yrs. At least the bumpers, guards, grill are the same through the models. Good luck! Rick

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