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Olds standard shift conversion


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I have been accumulating this stuff for a few years and now know I will not get to use it in this lifetime! Here is what is included in this conversion:
1. '56 Olds Selector tranny. (casting numbers on the tranny were verified by NW Transmission) Completely torn down and gone thru. All gears show nothing but the usual wear, no broken teeth especially on the 1st/reverse gear and reverse idler. Replaced the vertical shaft seal, the horizontal shaft seal, tail yoke seal and new gaskets. Synchronizer is in great shape.
2. Period Correct Ansen shifter, cleaned and working good. This is a rare shifter as you all know. Probably not the fastest shifter in the world but works smooth and would be a good driver unit.
3. Cleaned and painted bell housing with the correct TOB snout, two good mounts, TOB hub with new springs, a new TO Bearing and a good straight clutch arm.
4. Pedal assembly from a 52 to 57 Olds. Should adapt to almost any early Olds. Includes the rod to the clutch arm.
5. Floor panel with rubber boots and brake switch from a 52 Olds. Might work in others, don't really know.
Price is $855 FIRM + the ride. Fastenal might be a good shipper on this. I will strap it to a pallet and cover it.

I have flywheels available. 176 tooth would be an additional $150, an external balanced 371 unit would be $200. Either would need refacing.
I have a decent used clutch pressure plate (no disc) I will throw that in, you can clean up or have rebuilt if desired.

PM me with any interest or questions.



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