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20s 30s Flip-Top Smoker's Ashtray Vanity w/ Amber Bakelite Light Knob

Guest 41Highlander

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Guest 41Highlander

Here's something unusual, it's obviously a smoker's kit vanity probably for a backseat, but with a flip-top. The design of the lighter suggests 1930 or later (1929 and earlier they had the lighters that extend out on a cord, right?). 1930 and 1931 Packard had amber bakelite dash knobs this same color... With the flip-top, would it go into an armrest? Lighter socket says "Casco". Any idea what car this is out of? Thanks in advance.




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How sure are you that the lighter goes with the box?  It seems to me that the box is earlier than the lighter. I bought a bunch of 30's Packard lighter receptacles and boxes on eBay a  while back and none were like that.

I think Packard lighters of the 30's were metal with a jewel in the center.  

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