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I think these were spares for one of my long ago 1928 Series 12 cars. One pair Parabeam Head Lamps, J.W. Brown Mfg. Co. Complete with lenses, reflectors, bulbs, red jewels in the sides of the smoke bonnets, stanchions for mounting onto the front frame horns. Lamps are heavily tarnished, there are two small dents in one of the rims, one of the white metal swivel blocks for the rim securing screw has a piece missing. Otherwise, they are  in good condition; used items, not restored. Price: $150.00 plus cost of shipping. (SOLD)





Parabeam 1.JPG

Parabeam 2.JPG

Parabeam 3.JPG

Parabeam 4.JPG

Parabeam 5.JPG

Parabeam 6.JPG

Parabeam 7.JPG

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